Trailer: 'Bombshell' delves deeper into Fox News saga
The movie is out in cinemas December 20
SIHH renamed to Watches & Wonders: Everything you need to know
Said to be the most modern, dynamic and interactive watch event ever
Sporting a livery featuring the astronaut himself and an inspirational quote
LoL is expanding to become a shooter, fighter and card game
The contemporary artist and calligrapher opens up about success, his biggest achievement and the role of Arab culture
It has pledged to put a man or woman on the moon by 2024
The creator of HBO's TV continuation of the beloved comics delves into the new superhero show
There are 600 titles so far on the list
The 5-time F1 champion lost out on winning the championship points
Massive fire sweeps through Lebanon's Chouf mountains
Cyprus will provide two aircrafts to help Lebanon extinguish the large blaze
Inside the world's first 20-hour airline flight
Qantas Airways is using humans as guinea pigs for new flight
The hand-made Greubel Forsey watch that takes 6,000 hours to complete
With 95% of the watch being made and assembled entirely by hand
Sheikh Hamdan is pushing everyone to take the Dubai Fitness Challenge
A 30-day fitness event with over 5,000 activities and classes throughout the city
Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman in The Batman
She will star alongside Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader
Venom Director says confrontation with Spider-Man inevitable
Ruben Fleisher says Spider-Man and Venom will meet in a future film
The 24-metre-long building is an ‘ambassador of emotionality’
Including TVs you can control with your phone and marble countertops
Clocking in at $50,000 cheaper than the Taycan Turbo and $80,000 cheaper than the Turbo S