Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week is back in a big way in 2019
The region’s biggest watch event will return in November
Limited edition TAG Heuer Autavia UAE Limited Edition
The coolest wrist wear to come out of Dubai Watch Week was not the most expensive, it was this limited edition Autavia made especially for the UAE
It's official! Dubai Watch Week back for 2017 (and in a big way)
Dubai Watch Week is back, with a brand new venue, even bigger guest speakers, better workshops and lots more watches
Bovet's Pascal Raffy on making art before money
The enigmatic owner and CEO of Bovet, Pascal Raffy, talks Dubai Watch Week and why he'll never sell his soul for money
HYT watches are "liquid assets"
Dubai Watch Week: HYT is the first watchmaker to use what is usually a watch's mortal enemy - water - to tell time
Reuge: The ultimate music makers
Dubai Watch Week: Swiss music box maker Reuge has reinvented the humble music box into a must-have luxury item