Late night talk show hosts team up for a massive Lady Gaga-curated Covid-19 concert
Celebrity guests include Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, and Idris Elba.
Regional label Exhale has launched a powerful #CompassionIsContagious campaign
The brand along with local photographer Waleed Shah and sukoun° identity studio to create a powerful narrative on unity and community
Another reason to get a lockdown buzzcut? David Beckham
The 44-year-old debuted a throwback shaved head on Instagram – and so should you
Chris Evans's mom convinced him to play Captain America
Another reminder to always listen to your mother.
Calm down men, your beard is not spreading coronavirus
People have been shaving off their beards since the pandemic hit
Covid-19 lockdowns have caused the Earth's crust to stop shaking
Here's a list of all the places where there's been a drop in seismic activity
Lebanon has started flying its citizens back home
But you’ll have to pay full price for the ticket to Beirut
Australians are using planes to deliver pizza in locked-down outback
Parts of Australia are calling in pizza deliveries by air
Apple will produce 1 million face shields per week for medical workers
Apple’s face shield design can be packed 100 to a box and can be assembled in two minutes