Tourists flying into Abu Dhabi will be tagged with COVID wristbands
The medically approved bands will help authorities track residents and citizens
Oldest life in Saudi Arabia found; over 120,000-years-old
Footprint fossils include those of ancient man, along with elephants and camels
Netflix sign 5-year deal with Saudi animation studio Myrkott
The exclusive partnership will see new Saudi-focused shows and films appear on Netflix
Samuel L. Jackson is offering swearing lessons to would-be voters
Jackson will be teaching 'how to swear' in 15 different languages
Kim Kardashian quits Instagram; protests the only way she knows how
The social media star is shunning Instagram and Facebook (for a day) in protest
COVID lockdowns might have saved the pink dolphin from extinction
Rare pink dolphins return to Hong Kong after COVID-19 lockdown
Aston Martin has built the daddy of all racing sims
It's a mean, green (and very expensive) racing machine
TikTok chooses Oracle; dancing teenagers rejoice worldwide
Oracle will become TikTok's tech partner in the United States, effectively saving the platform from the ban
Divers just found a scarily-well preserved ship in ‘Dark Waters’
Divers looking for World War II wrecks came upon a 17th-century ship in the Baltic Sea
That bad dream you had was based on reality says new study
A survey of 24,000 people found that dreams are continuations of reality
Saudi Arabia will lift all travel restrictions on January 1
But expats will be able to enter The Kingdom starting tomorrow, September 15
Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time since 1980s
The pandemic has seen a huge resurgence in vinyl records