The best E3 video game announcements (so far)
Keanu Reeves is going to be a video game star, 'Halo Infinite' got a release date, and a 'Blair Witch' trailer dropped
'Jumanji' video game set for November 15 launch date
Featuring the four characters from current 'Jumanji' re-boot
What's Keanu Reeves doing in 'Cyberpunk 2077'
Actor Keanu Reeves will star in 2020's blockbuster game Cyberpunk 2077
Microsoft teases new Xbox console heavily at E3
It's a brief glimpse of the powerful next-generation Xbox coming next year
Oculus headset will let you watch live sport in virtual reality
You'll see some seriously cool stuff, if you can bear to keep the VR headset on.
A ‘Pokémon Go’ sequel is coming and it’s called ‘Pokémon Sleep’
Forget wondering your neighbourhood and strapping your phone to your bike, it’s time to Pokémon Go to bed.
Terrible animating forces Sonic film re-shoots, film delayed to 2020
Sonic may be the fastest thing around, but his production team isn’t
A purple ‘Fortnite’ themed Xbox One S is about to drop
It will also give owners access to a special exclusive skin
Legend of Zelda 'Cadence of Hyrule' out this week
It looks like the Legend of Zelda-themed game is coming out sooner than expected, according to a new leak.
Xbox One S All-Digital Console explained
It's a move to ditch physical games entirely
Dauntless review: The 'Fortnite' Killer?
This free-to-play game has Fortnite in its sights