The Current War trailer sees Benedict Cumberbatch race to light up America
It's about the competition to bring electricity to the world
Christoper Nolan's new film Tenet to cost $225 million
Reminder: money doesn't necessarily guarantee it's gonna be good
What we know about Bond 25 from the on-set video
The social media video gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes
Rami Malek refuses to let Bond villain be a stereotypical Muslim terrorist
At least that is what we think his recent quote implies
Formula E is returning to Saudi Arabia this year
Formula E is returning to Saudi Arabia later this year, with crowds of up to 100,000 expected for the November 22-23 event
Tom Hardy will be back for 'Venom' sequel
The producer has confirmed there will be a second film in the Venom universe
Tom Hiddleston knows the secrets to 'black tie'
He's the master of the poshest of dress codes
Danny Boyle confirms 28 Days Later sequel in the works
The director has said it’s being worked on by original writer Alex Garland
Toy Story 4 has broken records despite 'underperforming'
Imagine calling $188 million a bad day in the office