We sat down with Gary Vaynerchuk to talk fear in business
“Fear in business has never been a variable for me, and here’s why…”
Tourists flying into Abu Dhabi will be tagged with COVID wristbands
The medically approved bands will help authorities track residents and citizens
Oldest life in Saudi Arabia found; over 120,000-years-old
Footprint fossils include those of ancient man, along with elephants and camels
Netflix sign 5-year deal with Saudi animation studio Myrkott
The exclusive partnership will see new Saudi-focused shows and films appear on Netflix
Samuel L. Jackson is offering swearing lessons to would-be voters
Jackson will be teaching 'how to swear' in 15 different languages
Kim Kardashian quits Instagram; protests the only way she knows how
The social media star is shunning Instagram and Facebook (for a day) in protest
Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time since 1980s
The pandemic has seen a huge resurgence in vinyl records
New fish species found that can walk on land
These fish legs were made for walking (on the land not the water)
An incredibly large black hole was just spotted by scientists
New black hole is 142-times the size of our Sun
Louis Vuitton just made a US$1,000 monogram face shield
Louis Vuitton’s face shield will protect against COVID-19 and make you look fabulous, darling
Saudi Arabia launches bid to host the Asian Cup 2027
Introducing the slogan "Forward for Asia"
Abu Dhabi hotels will soon offer kosher meals
Following the agreement between the UAE and Israel, hotels will start offering kosher meals